Recently, I read an article written by one of our clients, Burl Stamp, who is a healthcare adviser and founder of Stamp & Chase, a healthcare consulting firm based in St. Louis. In his article, Burl talks about the danger in pursuing silver bullet solutions for process improvement in healthcare.

I found the insights in the article to be extremely applicable to content marketing as well. As marketers, we often seek fail-safe, guaranteed formulas for our campaigns– our own silver bullet. This isn’t to say that there is no such thing as a proven strategy; quite the contrary, experiences often reveal great strategies that become crucial for successful marketing campaigns.

In my case, these go-to techniques often involve SEO strategies, data-driven keyword search and marketing channel-based tactics, to list a few. But once we are focused on these strategies, it is easy to forget about the heart of the matter.

The truth is, the value of your content (and ultimately the value your product or service provides) far exceeds any content marketing hack or strategy you will use.

Remember that content marketing is grounded in creating value.

If your content isn’t valuable to your audience, even the perfect SEO practice or large social media audience will not be enough to keep your audience engaged. Channel-based approaches are important to consider when partaking in content marketing, but these all are contingent on whether or not you provide useful information.

At StoryTrack, we like to ask our clients (and ourselves) what and how much value we can deliver with any content we produce. Whether we create brand films, short social media videos, or even written content, the beginning and end of our production process revolves around adding value.

By putting content first, you will be able to meet your marketing objectives more effectively.


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