How is cycling a perfect metaphor for an inbound content marketing campaign?

One of my primary forms of exercise and stress-relief is cycling. On a recent ride I was contemplating the relevance of cadence in the enjoyment and benefit of my ride (yes, I know, I’m a cycling nerd).

Maintaining a strong pedal cadence is a big part of what I consider a successful ride. I strive to maintain a cadence of 80 rpm over a long ride. Like most cyclists, I achieve consistency and efficiency by selecting the correct gear package at a given ride stage. Optimal gear selection is directly relevant to outside forces such as terrain and riding conditions. Essentially, I select the relevant gear ratio to enhance my cadence and empower my ride.

Cadence influences speed, distance covered, and the productivity of the ride. It impacts my riding efficiency and the amount of energy I consume. Most importantly, it also influences whether I am compelled to come back for another ride tomorrow.

It’s only when I lose my focus, become distracted, or just lazy with gear selection that my cadence suffers. And, consequently, my ride becomes monotonous, arduous, inefficient.

Somewhere mid-ride I realized a similarity between the cadence of cycling and that of a strong content marketing campaign.

Maintaining a consistent cadence of relevant, compelling content in an inbound marketing campaign is critical in generating long-term audience engagement and maintaining interest.

Publishing a high number of non-relevant, non-compelling pieces…. or dropping the wrong content message to the wrong media channel… is the equivalent of spinning aimlessly in a low gear on a flat stretch. Sure, you have lots of leg-turn, but you’re going nowhere fast.

Infrequently publishing a single relevant message to the correct channel is like selecting a high-gear package on a steep grade. You will make an impact…but it comes with stress and slow cadence. Your audience initially will be intrigued, but will turn away once they don’t hear from you regularly. Simply put, you will be “out-of- the-saddle” quickly; watching the competition pass at a higher cadence and increased content efficiency.

Neither of these situations are good examples of solid content marketing cadence. Identifying audience interest, presenting compelling insight, setting an ideal pace, and staying true to the course is key to a “long-term inbound marketing ride.”

So is optimizing your content and assets…much like your gear selection…over an inbound marketing campaign calendar.

Adding visual content to an inbound marketing campaign can be an impactful way to build audience interest and strengthen/facilitate a campaign’s cadence. Visual content can be one of your strongest and adaptable gears. It simplifies complex information, conveys a consistent message, and is online media friendly.

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About the Author

Lori Dowd

Lori Dowd is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of StoryTrack Studio. For over 20 years, she has directed and produced programming for a range of corporate, non-profit, online and broadcast partner/client.