In our last post, we explored the reasons why online video creates a virtuous cycle of marketing messages. Today, we’re following up with our own suggestions about best practices for content marketing. We base these “rules of the road” on our clients’ victories and the roles we’ve played in them. We’re all about moving the needle, at whatever scale is necessary.

StoryTrack’s visual narrative and content marketing approach is simple and focused:

Visual content resonates best.

Large amounts of relevant and compelling information can be quickly consumed in a consistent and efficient manner.  Brand and content promise is actively demonstrated through a visual, emotional narrative… not just discussed or read.  A visual narrative can bring clarity to complex content, material, or decisions.

Visual assets are a valuable and flexible.

Once created, assets can be leveraged to create new, unique and timely content directed at specific media channels and audiences.  It also serves as a visual complement to online blogs, white papers, and digital marketing collateral.

Visual assets and content should be curated and carefully managed.

This requires creative and media-savvy curators that are fluent in all forms of social, digital, and traditional media– those who can efficiently create new assets and upload them quickly. This insures that valuable, relevant, and compelling messages are delivered to constituents through the channel they wish to receive it.

Done right, content marketing is channel-agnostic.

Marketers need to look at ALL available channels to engage with customers via visual narrative and content.  A visual content narrative positively impacts all forms of social media channels, blogs, case studies, SEO, PR, and inbound marketing efforts. Regardless of the type of marketing tactics you use, content marketing should be part of your process, not something separate. Quality content is part of all forms of your overarching marketing strategy.

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About the Author

Lori Dowd

Lori Dowd is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of StoryTrack Studio. For over 20 years, she has directed and produced programming for a range of corporate, non-profit, online and broadcast partner/client.