As the saying goes… a picture’s worth a thousand words. But in the case of real estate development, a video can be worth millions. The Rockefeller Group is using video to showcase its recent success story, the completion of BASF’s 325,000 square foot, North American headquarters at The Green at Florham Park.

Still pictures alone could never do justice to this amazing building or its location, which is also home to the New York Jets.  In fact, even StoryTrack crews were in awe during each of two visits to the facility. The first shoot took place in the fall to capture the beauty of the building in its natural setting. We used a full Jib crew to show the sweeping views and grandeur of the building. We went back later in the season for interiors and interviews, working with the schedules of Rockefeller and BASF business leaders and partners.

The video allows Rockefeller to do three things. First, bring the building to life. This helps future clients picture themselves inside a Rockefeller development. Second, inviting BASF into the conversation through interviews, provides testimonials about working with them on a build-to-suit project. And third, by showing images of The Green at Florham Park, they are able to court future tenants to the 268-acre master planned development.

StoryTrack specializes in helping real estate development and design/build firms expand their reach through the use of brilliant imagery and compelling narratives to open the doors to… and for new clients.

About the Author

Lori Dowd

Lori Dowd is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of StoryTrack Studio. For over 20 years, she has directed and produced programming for a range of corporate, non-profit, online and broadcast partner/client.