As more developers incorporate video into their commercial real estate marketing strategies, they’re also increasingly using real estate drone footage to give prospective tenants a bird’s-eye view of their properties. Aerial footage offers soaring, breathtaking views of commercial properties. But, more importantly, drone footage can improve the impact of your marketing efforts by showing views of the buildings and facilities that aren’t possible from ground level and helping viewers see the property in the context of the surrounding area. And the kicker? Adding drone footage can be done at a relatively low cost.

Three Reasons to Consider Real Estate Drone Footage

Beyond just the “wow” factor that drone footage adds to property videos, here are three reasons to consider using drone footage in your next real estate marketing campaign.

1. Unique Content

Content has to be unique and engaging. In today’s saturated media landscape, the only way to stand out is by producing content that grabs and holds a viewer’s Psychological research indicates that novelty promotes information transmission. Novel stimuli help maintain one’s attention for longer periods of time.

Said another way: visual variety adds punch to your project. And drones offer an array of possibilities of original aerial perspectives that can’t be captured through traditional photography or videography. Aerial shots can be used to create aesthetically pleasing content that conveys a sense of continuity. They can also be used to create dramatic and attention-grabbing sequences with special motion effects.

For example, here is a reel of some creative angles of commercial and industrial properties we have directed for recent projects.


2. Creating a Narrative Experience

Storytelling is crucial for producing an engaging real estate property video. Here at StoryTrack, we believe that content is most effective when it comes packaged in a complete, relatable narrative— even when it is about commercial real estate. Ultimately, people are the ones who consume your content. The more relevant and relatable the content, the better your audience will engage with it.

The greatest challenge our real estate clients often face is communicating a given property’s location and attributes in a meaningful way. These may include unique design elements, the neighborhood, community, local lifestyles, or even the infrastructure and region— and the geographic distance between these. Aerial video and photography facilitate building such narratives because they showcase all of these features in a simple, yet visually engaging way.

Check out this brand film we created for one of our real estate clients that conveys the holistic story of the property.


3. Affordability & Adaptability

Many share the common perception that aerial shoots must be cost prohibitive. But real estate drone videography may be more affordable than you think. Today, the cost of hiring an independent drone operator ranges from $500 for a half-day shoot to $3000 for a full day with a FAA licensed pilot and 4K camera. When you consider that you’d pay a similar amount to hire a still photographer, this doesn’t seem so costly anymore.

But what makes real estate drone videography most affordable is that you gain a lot of media content for your budget. You can easily obtain high-quality aerial video footage and breathtaking still photos with a drone. Then, these media assets can not only be used for your real estate marketing video, but they can also be tailored for different uses across various marketing platforms, including print, social media, website, and email marketing campaigns. .

So if you are thinking about smart, long-term strategies, you may want to consider gathering aerial video and photography for your real estate marketing initiatives now and in the future.

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