Hope Creates

Make Your M.A.R.C.


Nonprofit storytelling offers a unique opportunity to connect and engage with potential donors and volunteers by humanizing the life-changing work these organizations do. When Hope Creates approached us about creating media for their upcoming gala, they presented a unique challenge: they wanted to highlight their new program for youth in the juvenile justice system without showing any of the participants. Our solution? A short, scripted film that highlights what Make Your M.A.R.C. offers, and more importantly, the impact it has on the youth.

Our creative team got to work developing a script that treats the young people the program targets – and the issues they face – with sensitivity and respect. Then, we enlisted the help of a talented young actor to bring the story to life. The end result was a narrative piece that motivated gala attendees to continue their support of Hope Creates and all they do for youth and young adults in recovery.

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