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Creating and producing documentaries, commercials, corporate media, digital experiences, podcasts, animation, graphic design and inbound content marketing is our day job. And we love it.

CRG REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS | Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Brand Film/ Creative Direction / Copywriting


I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your hard work on the CRG brand film and the Bridgeport video. I can’t think of a better team to have in my foxhole.

Tracey Mendrek

Chief Communications Officer, CRG


StoryTrack was selected to highlight and position the real estate development group CRG. CRG was a new name for the Clayco Real Estate Group, attached to the billion-dollar design-build company Clayco. Brokers and tenants needed to be introduced to the new CRG identity.



We embraced our client’s marketing objectives. We produced a commercial real estate video using existing footage from our Clayco asset library coupled with new drone photography developed specifically for the project. We collaborated with Pivot Design to develop a targeted mailer and worked with TOKY on the redesigned website.



We helped to leverage Clayco’s long-term success by creating a high-impact experience to drive future business to the new entity, CRG.

Our work helped to project CRG’s brand positioning across marketing channels to increase audience size, deliver an effective call to action and drive ROI.

Launched 2016.