This past week, our medical history documentary “In the Beginning: The American Association for Thoracic Surgery” premiered at the organization’s centennial celebration in Boston, Massachusetts.

In The Beginning is a short documentary that explores the remarkable story of the founding of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery. The film looks at the role of surgeons, patients and advocates and how their tenacity made significant contributions to the care and treatment of cardiothoracic disease throughout the world. It is the story of how one organization has continued to get better over the last 100 years.

The Documentary Film: In the Beginning



The documentary was grounded in a carefully scripted narrative. StoryTrack interviewed current thoracic surgeons to serve as expert commentators. We researched factual information, sorted through surgical milestones, and explored the motivations of the founders. Lastly, we had the luxury of collaborating with one of the AATS’ board members, Dr. Marc Moon, who brought both expertise and passion to the project.

Crafting the visual narrative required great effort and attention. Due to the nature of the time period, our visual assets mostly consisted of photographs and copies of medical papers. In order to illustrate the early surgical advancements in a more intriguing manner, we enhanced these visuals through a dynamic motion graphics treatment. Moreover, by incorporating stock footage of Europe and the United States during the early 1900s, we were able to provide better historical context to the narrative.

The Commemorative Video: In the Words of the Presidents

The second commemorative video, In the Words of the Presidents, celebrated the memories of past AATS presidents, weaving their anecdotes and messages in a simple yet elegant fashion.

We also brought visual consistency to all the programs through the use of graphic design elements. The speaker titles conveyed the AATS colors, logo, and type, maintaining the integrity of their brand. The title slides in between sections were inspired by medical illustrations of thoracic surgery. The result was a video that reflected the values of the organization in substance and appearance.

The documentary film and commemorative video were met with great enthusiasm at the Centennial.

StoryTrack brought my thoughts and stories to life, transforming words and images into a dynamic, bold, visual and auditory display. The creative impact of StoryTrack to the overall process was immeasurable through preproduction, development, and postproduction.

The imagery that StoryTrack has created for the American Association for Thoracic Surgery will make every member proud of the accomplishments of the organization and will create lasting memories of this once in a lifetime event. StoryTrack is not only professional but accessible, willing to work with you to create a product beyond what you could have ever imagined.

Marc R. Moon, MD

American Association for Thoracic Surgery

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