We all love a good deal.

As marketers, we want to maximize our marketing budget and have a great ROI. Unfortunately, we usually have limited budgets and a number of different marketing campaigns needing to be executed. And before we realize, we are always putting some off for later.

This doesn’t always have to be the case, however. You can make a smart and efficient use of your marketing dollars. And that’s why we encourage you to create an asset library with content that can be adapted to any marketing strategy or platform.

Here at StoryTrack, we begin this process by understanding our clients’ marketing objectives.

For example, CRG Real Estate Solutions asked us to create a brand film that would communicate their brand design and vision. During our initial meetings, we focused on understanding their differentiators and conceptualized strategies to creatively deliver this message visually.



But even from the get go, we also strive to find ways to add value to our clients in the long run. While some clients return and others do not, we, like many other companies, believe in viewing our clients as long-term partners and developing fruitful relationships.

And in CRG’s case, this meant creating an asset library.

Although asset libraries differ from client to client, for real estate developers such as CRG, these assets are quite diverse. Their robust library consists of footage of their properties’ exteriors and interiors, aerial videos, interviews with company executives, still photos, animated building renders, soundtracks, CGI animations, motion graphics, typeface— everything that brings their work to life.

But the brand narrative isn’t the only marketing asset they gained.

The asset library allowed us to go back and create a short video for their submission to the DBIA Awards about their design solution, Gateway Plaza.



We were able to craft this beautiful narrative in 3 days—a very short turnaround time. Not only that, but we were able to save time from shooting extra footage (since we had already shot all of their properties), and instead, we efficiently shaped these assets to produce original content that nailed their specific needs for the submission. But we were mostly excited to hear back that their submission had been awarded DBIA’s Excellence in Design (Architecture).

The best part of having an asset library (if you aren’t convinced yet) is that its content can also be tailored for other marketing platforms and channels. For real estate marketers, the aerial footage of properties can be transformed into fun, eye-catching clips for social media. Or perhaps, the content could be used for creating interactive e-blasts, or be used as elements in your web design. The possibilities are endless.

But the part you most want to hear?

You save a lot of dollars in the long run while increasing the number of marketing tools at your hands.

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