Build a Thorough Video Distribution Strategy

Video in the new cornerstone for marketing professionals across industries. This is especially true in the world of engineering, design, and construction, where decision-makers have come to realize the power of video to communicate a vision. Awesome. But one question often remains: how can you know—how can you be absolutely certain—that your video content is delivering results?

Without a clear and comprehensive plan for video distribution, your compelling content may remain unseen, and that will show in your ROI. To maximize the impact of your contractor marketing budget, a thorough video distribution strategy is a must.

Create Content That Connects and Inspires

Clayco, a full-service, turnkey real estate, architecture, engineering, design-build and construction firm, wanted to showcase the application of virtual design and construction technology. VDC creates a virtual command center where teams digitally rehearse every possible scenario, allowing the design/build team to take full advantage of the speed and exactness that new, cutting-edge technology brings to the table. The challenge was communicating this message to partners and stakeholders while also introducing the technology to a broader audience. So, they turned to StoryTrack to produce a video with a distribution plan that would connect – and inspire – audiences.



Track Your Video Distribution Results

Working with Clayco, we decided on a 3-pronged distribution method: website, social media, and email. Clayco already had a strong social media presence, particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn, which we were eager to capitalize on. We also wanted to give Clayco complete agency and freedom in distributing their content, so we created an attractive video player that could be embedded in an email and sent out in e-blasts.

Within two weeks of the video’s launch, the video was just shy of 10,000 views. Users engaging with Clayco’s social platforms increased by 227%. Clayco also saw a 60% increase in new users to their website that came from social media, and those users have spent an increase of 35% more time on their website. We saw an over 1000% increase in people who had posts from the Clayco Facebook page on their screen, and a 300% increase in new people who have liked the Clayco Facebook page, who are excited to see more of their content.

Your Video Distribution Strategy

A comprehensive video distribution marketing strategy can make all the difference in B2B marketing, and can accomplish any number of goals, from increased brand awareness to a more engaged client base. With a great video and a great plan, you can easily achieve your B2B marketing goals, no matter the scale or scope of your business. It’s all about showing the right content to the right audience.

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About the Author

Lori Dowd

Lori Dowd is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of StoryTrack Studio. For over 20 years, she has directed and produced programming for a range of corporate, non-profit, online and broadcast partner/client.