5 Powerful Reasons Video is a Cornerstone of a Luxury Property Marketing Plan

Today, like every other, someone will ask you to watch a video.

Might be a friend sharing an animated gif or a mix of the best and funniest animal or human fails. More likely, it’ll be a sneak attack. You’re reading the news in your professional corner of the internet when suddenly, your favorite broker slips links to our latest luxury real estate video — which we’re really proud of by the way — into a blog post. Point is, each please-watch-this-thing-we-made scenario causes a dilemma for folks on the receiving end that goes something like: “Are we doing this for you, or for me?”

Luxury is how consumers describe interactions you did for them. And the most powerful gift marketers can give an audience is an entertaining video. Sure, there are exceptions (Mariebelle Chocolate and Burberry umbrella to name a few). But across the board, great videos are the mark of real estate marketers who get it.

That’s why we pulled together our favorite reasons why videos are the cornerstone of excellent luxury property marketing plans.

1. Luxury Brands Get Graded on Empathy, and Videos are an Outstanding Way to Display It.

Smart luxury brands empathize with consumers far beyond what’s required to complete the transaction. The more senses we delight, the more luxurious a consumer’s experience. That’s why film has long been a staple of effective luxury property marketing plans. Video is the medium that engages the most senses, making it the avenue with the largest opportunity to surprise the audience.

2. Words Get Read, but Videos Get Experienced.

There’s not a huge difference between luxurious pay-per-click ads and regular pay-per-click ads – maybe the words are longer? – but if you add an image, there’s still a limited amount of luxury conveyed. Even if you found a way, non-luxury brands could digitally recreate the same type of scene.

Meanwhile, the difference between a luxury experience and a standard experience is the difference between the check-in line at the Waldorf Astoria and the waiting line at the DMV. Videos capture the magic of human experience, so we remember our favorite films no differently than our favorite experiences. Because like great videos, fond memories are near impossible to fake.

3. Consumers Sniff Out Companies Who Take More Than They Give.

Marketers’ requests of consumers often fail to fully consider the folks on the receiving end. The result is a media environment littered with cheap productions, which ultimately serve as elaborate vehicles to deliver one-sided information and make the sale. We think that’s a compelling reason to do the opposite.

Amplify your invitation to watch by giving them a great show. Luxury developments earn their reputation with refreshing self-awareness. Tell the audience a moving story, show them a beautiful environment and they’ll begin seeing themselves there, enjoying a latte on the 28th floor balcony.

4. Videos Invite Viewers’ Imagination to Move In.

There’s no better way to display the magnificence of your space — outside physically going there — than capturing its essence in film. Take a prospective tenant’s eyes on a tour through empty rooms while their subconscious fills each one with their own possessions. By the end of the journey, they’ve watched their entire life happen inside the beautiful place you created.

5. Last But Not Least, Video is the Most Versatile Sales Tool.

Whether looping on a TV in the lobby for prospective tenants, embedded in an email for managers and developers, or posted on a property page for virtual tours, videos hold a lot of weight in a lot of ways. Once you apply a recognizable treatment and aesthetic to each piece of your overall identity, every last one of your property’s touch-points share the essence of the real thing.

The smartest consumers are the most valuable to persuade. That’s why it’s so important to fortify your marketing plan with a persuasive media strategy.

For luxury real estate marketing, videos are the gold standard.

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About the Author

Lori Dowd

Lori Dowd is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of StoryTrack Studio. For over 20 years, she has directed and produced programming for a range of corporate, non-profit, online and broadcast partner/client.