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CMS Corporation combines a proven track record, a national presence, and unparalleled construction management with self-performance capabilities to deliver highly complex projects for a broad range of clients. Through the work of this driven team, the company has gained recognition as a contractor consistently applying innovative solutions to project challenges. CMS provides customers with the best value for their construction dollars which is supported by 90 percent of revenues generated from repeat business. It’s a powerful story.

After a brand refresh and new website, the CMS team aimed to build a library of video assets to support their marketing and business development initiatives. The goal was to create a variety of content that highlights the diversity of the CMS team and demonstrates their strategic expertise and commitment to client collaboration. CMS chose StoryTrack to make it happen.


After getting to know the team and what they were hoping to achieve with their media, StoryTrack recommended a strategy that would meet CMS’s need for content now and in the future. We established four primary goals for the engagement:

1. Capture wide-ranging interviews with leadership and key team members to highlight CMS’s next-level thinking about quality, safety, schedule, and customer service.

2. Film the CMS team at work in a variety of settings to showcase the range of environments in which they work.

3. Produce two key films – a corporate overview and a recruiting piece – to meet CMS’s immediate communication needs.

4. Incorporate video content on their website and social channels to make them more engaging.

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Brand Film
Careers Story
Header Videos
Social Reel
Safety Anthem

StoryTrack worked hand-in-hand with us throughout the process. Truly a great experience!

Mary McDeavitt

Director of Business Development

What We Delivered

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Brand Film

The goal of the brand film was to bring the company to life – its approach, team, and results. We aimed to highlight three key differentiators: 1) the overall vision of the company, which is rooted in the strategic thinking and dedication to solving clients toughest challenges, 2) the diversity of the team and the optimism and creative thought that goes into each project, and 3) their results and how CMS consistently turns challenges into solutions.

Social Video

After creating the careers video, we edited a shorter cut for use on social media intended to grab the attention of young talent and entice them to learn more about working with the company.

Careers Video

The construction industry, as a whole, is finding it difficult to recruit and train qualified employees, especially younger workers. The goal of the careers video was to connect with a younger, more diverse audience by exploring what it’s like to work at CMS through the eyes of its employees, highlighting the unique mission of the company and the opportunities presented by a career with the company.

Website Header Videos

Header videos enhance the overall user experience of a website through visual storytelling, captivating visitors and conveying brand identity. We capitalized on the broad range of images we had captured to create dynamic header videos that bring their new website to life.

Safety Anthem

Little did we know, the future was closer than we knew. Shortly after we delivered the initial package of content, the CMS team contacted us to create a video for a safety award submission. Because we already had relevant interview footage “in the can,” we were able to quickly put together a film showcasing the company’s commitment to safety, innovation, and community. The safety anthem serves as a powerful tool not only for recognition during the awards ceremony, but also as engaging content for their website and social channels.


From the beginning of every engagement with our construction video clients like CMS, we encourage them to think strategically about the video production process. By considering how they might repurpose their video assets, organizations can streamline their production processes AND enhance the reach and impact of their content. The CMS team embraced this idea and ran with it!

Through careful planning and creative adaptation, construction companies can leverage existing video assets to create diverse and engaging content tailored to different platforms, audiences, and objectives. This approach not only optimizes resources, but also ensures consistency in messaging and branding across multiple channels. Whether it’s transforming long-form videos into shorter snippets for social media, creating training videos from brand film content, or repackaging footage into header videos, the versatility of video assets enables businesses to remain agile and responsive in their content strategy.

The bottom line? Rather than viewing video production as a one-time expense, treat it as a renewable resource, continually generating value over time. This approach maximizes the return on investment and unlocks new opportunities for creativity, efficiency, and effectiveness, ultimately driving stronger engagement, brand awareness, and business growth.


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