How Video Can Transform Clinical Trial Recruitment

Recruiting participants for clinical trials is a significant challenge in the healthcare industry. It requires not only reaching a wide audience but also communicating complex information effectively and building trust with potential participants. 

Video is arguably the most powerful tool to connect with potential participants and their families. By leveraging video content, researchers and healthcare professionals can enhance clinical trial recruitment strategies, improve participant understanding, and streamline the trial process.

Benefits of Clinical Trial Recruitment Videos

Enhancing Visibility and Reach

The first major benefit of using video in clinical trial recruitment is the ability to reach a broader audience. Traditional recruitment methods like print ads, flyers, and face-to-face interactions have limited reach and engagement. Video, on the other hand, can be distributed widely across various platforms such as social media, websites, and email, instantly increasing the visibility of the trial.

Video content is also more likely to be shared among users, expanding reach organically. In fact, viewers are 52% more likely to share video content than any other type of content. This viral nature of videos can significantly boost recruitment efforts by tapping into networks of potential participants who may have been missed through traditional methods.

Simplifying Complex Information

Clinical trials often involve complex protocols and procedures that can be overwhelming or intimidating for potential participants. Video provides a unique opportunity to break down complex information into digestible and engaging content. Through animations, infographics, and live-action explanations, videos can demystify the trial process and clarify what participants can expect.

This simplification helps in reducing misunderstandings and misconceptions about clinical trials. When participants understand the trial’s purpose, processes, and benefits, they are more likely to consider participating.

Building Trust and Credibility

Trust is a crucial element in clinical trial recruitment. Potential participants need to feel confident about the trial’s safety, the credibility of the organizers, and the ethical standards being upheld. Videos can help build this trust by featuring interviews with research staff, testimonials from previous participants, and tours of the facilities where the trial will occur.

Seeing and hearing directly from those involved can reassure potential participants about the legitimacy and seriousness of the trial. Furthermore, video testimonials from past participants who share their positive experiences can significantly influence others’ willingness to participate.

Streamlining the Screening Process

Video can also streamline the preliminary screening process of clinical trials. By providing detailed information through video, researchers can ensure that only those who fully understand the trial requirements and are likely suitable candidates proceed to the next steps. This can reduce the time and resources spent on screening unsuitable candidates.

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Finally, video is a cost-effective and scalable solution. Once produced, a video can be reused and viewed by unlimited potential participants at no additional cost. This scalability makes video an efficient tool compared to many traditional methods that require continuous investment proportional to the scale of the recruitment effort.


What is the DIAN-TU?

The Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network Trials Unit (DIAN‐TU) at Washington University in St. Louis conducts drug trials for individuals at risk for dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease. StoryTrack partnered with the DIAN-TU team and the GHR Foundation to create an overview video that captures the vision for the trials platform, highlights the expertise of the team, and emphasizes the impact the research will have on Alzheimer’s care now and in the future. Through the voices of both the research scientists at Washington University and trial participants and their families, the video communicates complex science with a hopeful, human touch.


“The best thing about working with StoryTrack is the absolute confidence that the final product will be even better than originally envisioned. StoryTrack knows how to capture powerful stories that are beautifully produced and delivered on time. Outstanding work!”

Randall J. Bateman, MD, DIAN-TU Director

Is Video Part of Your Strategy?

Incorporating video into clinical trial recruitment strategies offers numerous benefits that can address the challenges traditionally associated with this effort. From extending reach and simplifying complex information to building trust and improving engagement, video is a versatile and powerful tool. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, leveraging video content will likely become an essential strategy to successfully recruit participants for clinical trials.

At StoryTrack, we specialize in creating impactful clinical trial recruitment videos, leveraging our extensive experience with healthcare clients and a deep understanding of empathetic storytelling. We focus on crafting narratives that resonate with potential participants, emphasizing transparency, compassion, and the real-world benefits of participation. Our team expertly navigates the complexities of medical information, transforming it into accessible and engaging content that connects on a human level. Contact us to learn more about how video can help you achieve higher engagement rates, foster trust, and ultimately enhance participant enrollment through compelling visual storytelling.

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