How to Boost Your Video Content Strategy by Repurposing Your Brand Video

Congratulations! You’ve just completed the exhilarating – and sometimes challenging – journey of crafting a brand video. It’s been an investment of creativity, resources, and time. But as the cameras stop rolling and the final edits are made, you might wonder: “What’s next?” This pivotal moment marks the beginning of a new phase in your brand’s journey—one where strategic thinking and resourcefulness can amplify the impact of your investment. In this post, we’ll look at how you can repurpose your video footage to boost your video content strategy and why strategic planning is crucial to maximizing its potential.

Five Ways to Repurpose Your Brand Video Content

Your brand video is a treasure trove of content waiting to be unlocked in various formats across multiple platforms. Here are some ways you can repurpose your video footage to extend its reach and engagement:

1. Social Media Shorts

Break down your brand video into bite-sized snippets tailor-made for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. These short clips can highlight key messages, showcase product features, or capture compelling moments from your video, catering to the short attention spans of social media users.


2. Thought Leadership and Educational Content

Extract insightful snippets from your brand video that offer value to your audience. Whether it’s a tutorial, a how-to guide, or expert tips related to your industry, repurposing your video content into educational pieces can position your brand as a thought leader and resource hub, establishing credibility and trust among your audience.


3. Testimonials and Reviews

If your brand video features testimonials or customer reviews, leverage these authentic voices to create standalone content pieces that build trust and credibility. Testimonials hold immense persuasive power and can influence purchasing decisions.


4. Awards and Pitches

Leverage excerpts for award submissions, proposals, and pitches to showcase your brand’s achievements and innovations in a new creative way by showing what you can do rather than telling.


5. Website Content

Embed your brand video or its segments strategically on your website’s homepage, product pages, or landing pages. Video content enhances user experience, increases dwell time, and boosts conversion rates.

Repurposing your brand video content can also extend its utility beyond marketing initiatives. Compile highlights from throughout the year to create impactful end-of-year videos that reflect on milestones, successes, and the journey of your brand. These videos not only celebrate accomplishments but also reinforce brand identity and foster a sense of community among stakeholders. By repurposing your video content like this, you maximize its value and ensure it resonates with audiences long after its initial release.

Why Video Content Strategy Matters

At the beginning of every engagement, we encourage our clients to think strategically about their content, especially when we’re working on a brand video project. Why? Because viewing the project with a wider lens helps ensure the process yields the resources needed to achieve their business goals.

Aligning with Brand Objectives

Every piece of content, including your brand video, should serve a purpose aligned with your overarching brand objectives. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or fostering brand loyalty, clarity on objectives ensures that your video content delivers measurable results.

Maximizing ROI

Video production entails significant investments of both time and money. Strategic planning ensures that these resources are allocated efficiently to yield maximum return on investment (ROI). By repurposing video content across various channels and formats, you extend its lifespan and enhance its ROI potential.

Audience-Centric Approach

Understanding your target audience is fundamental to crafting compelling video content. Strategic thinking involves conducting thorough audience research to identify preferences, pain points, and consumption habits. Tailoring your video content to resonate with your audience increases its effectiveness and engagement.

Multi-Channel Distribution

A strategic approach to video production encompasses multi-channel distribution strategies. Consideration should be given to platforms where your target audience is most active and receptive to video content. Whether it’s social media platforms, your website, or email newsletters, strategic distribution ensures that your brand video reaches the right audience at the right time.

The completion of your brand video marks the beginning of a dynamic phase where strategic planning and resourcefulness are paramount. By repurposing video footage across various channels and formats, you extend its reach and maximize its impact. Moreover, a sound video content strategy throughout the video production process ensures that your investment of time and money yields tangible results aligned with your brand objectives.

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Lori Dowd

Lori Dowd is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of StoryTrack Studio. For over 20 years, she has directed and produced programming for a range of corporate, non-profit, online and broadcast partner/client.