Making a Crowdfunding Video That Works

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have become a reliable pathway to investment for entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups.  These community-economies offer companies a cost-effective way to source new capital while simultaneously conducting target audience research and gauging real product or concept interest and value. Yes, the main purpose of crowdfunding is raising funds to advance an idea, service or product’s development.  But just as importantly, they create an opportunity for two-way dialog between customers and concept.

Crowdfunding sites are influential engagement tools that require careful content management.  The introductory presentation must be informative. It must precisely describe a solution addressing a current-state problem or issue. And it absolutely must be compelling. The presentation must create a sense of urgency with a target audience while instilling confidence and driving investment action.

It is rare, if not impossible, to find crowdfunding opportunities that are not supported by video content. A visual narrative perfectly captures a start-up’s origin story. It accurately details the concept for the investor. Properly scripted, a crowdfunding video acts as a two-minute infomercial promoting the company brand and concept.  The extended format allows for greater and more impactful content and engagement; while reassuring the investment decision.

Video is a particularly impactful medium when promoting new technology or innovation.

 This was the case when StoryTrack designed multi-layered video content for their new TERSA Steam product, the world’s first fully automated, wall-mounted, 10-minute clothing care system. TERSA was launching an August 1, 2017 funding campaign on IndieGoGo and needed a strong video asset library that leveraged TERSA Steam content in relevant and focused ways. The video story emphasizes TERSA’s entrepreneurial spirit, their ability to bring their passion and technology to life, the working mechanics of TERSA Steam, and profile the target audience lifestyle.

Working as a strategic partner, StoryTrack produced a dynamic video asset library that creates excitement and brings the TERSA Steam opportunity to life for investors. Above all, the video strongly conveyed an impression of company credibility in addition to its informational purpose, helping to propel the TERSA fundraising campaign to 85% of its goal within two days of its debut. Then the company blew past that goal.

Charlie Warden, TERSA Inc.’s President said,

“As a start-up, we needed a quick and cost-effective way to tell our company story and detail the unique differentiators of the TERSA Steam technology. We also needed a way to stand out with investors in a crowded funding space.”

At the heart of the TERSA Steam asset library was a 2-minute investor video. The video demonstrates TERSA Steam’s innovative design, energy efficiency, and quality. The video concentrated on in-home convenience, target audience lifestyle, and early adoption.  Content focused on communicating the following elements to investors:

  • Innovative design
  • Functionality
  • Proven, robust technology 
  • Validated end-product for commercial markets
  • Patent protection
  • Highly skilled management team
  • Competitive position 
  • Emotion and lifestyle of target audience

TERSA’s Charlie Warden again,

“The video format allowed us to visually bring the product to life.  We could demonstrate the TERSA Steam’s functionality and show investors the product in everyday use.  The video went beyond simply the technology but brought in lifestyle elements that helped investors envision how they would use the product.  It really made the concept real.”

From the overarching investor video, StoryTrack delivered a comprehensive video asset library that could be efficiently repurposed depending on deliverable needs and online channel requirements. The initial deliverables included:

  • A two-minute Investment Promotion video that is used as the IndieGoGo introduction (hero content).
  • A 20-second teaser video that debuted prior the August 1, 2017 funding launch. This content was used as engaging content in email campaign aimed at prospects.
  • Five GIFs that highlighted product use.
  • Dozens of still shots that helped tell the TERSA Steam story.

The video asset library, StoryTrack’s ability to deliver the content quickly and cost-effectively, and of course the innovative TERSA Steam product, allowed the TERSA team to raise 100% of their desired investment in ten days.  It was complete team effort that will lead to an idea coming to life and making it to market.  StoryTrack is proud and honored to be part of this exciting new product launch.


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About the Author

Lori Dowd

Lori Dowd is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of StoryTrack Studio. For over 20 years, she has directed and produced programming for a range of corporate, non-profit, online and broadcast partner/client.