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When you’re in an industry poised for unprecedented growth, you need a super-charged media strategy that generates brand awareness and captures market share. That’s where we come in. StoryTrack partners with B2B clean tech companies to create strategic media that amps up your ability to showcase your capabilities and highlight your innovations. Through compelling stories, stunning imagery, and eye-catching graphics, our videos connect and engage with audiences to help you capitalize on a booming market.

Why is clean tech marketing video important?

The world of clean tech is full of forward-thinkers with an eye on the future. It’s the very nature of the work. From solving everyday problems in innovative ways to building a sustainable infrastructure that enables our communities to thrive, your ability to communicate your vision is critical to your success. Video can help.

Our videos bridge the gap between what is and what will be, helping your clients see your vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Even more important? It’s what your clients want. According to HubSpot, 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service via video rather than text. StoryTrack has created videos for the most trusted brands in the industry and understands the complexity of the work you do. Our goal? To help you establish your expertise and rise above the competition.

Our Clean Tech Marketing Video Services

Video Drone 2D & 3D Animation
Custom Motion Graphics
Virtual Reality (VR)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Still Photography
Digital Marketing & Social Media

Leadership Interviews
On-Camera Talent
Professional Voiceover
Editing & Post-Production

Just a Few of Our Clean Tech Marketing Options

Marketing Videos

Our clean tech marketing videos will help you stand out from the crowd. StoryTrack employs every film, story-telling and soundtrack technique to bring emotional depth to the message you want to deliver. Your audience may forget what you say. But they will never forget how you make them feel.

Case Studies

Video case studies build credibility, showcase your capabilities, and highlight your ability to problem-solve. Through computer-generated graphics, behind-the-scenes clips, aerial footage of building sites, and evergreen video footage of your team at work, StoryTrack can bring these stories to life.

Explainer Videos

Articulating complex ideas is crucial to gaining buy-in for new or disruptive technologies. The right mix of imagery, audio, and motion graphics can help. Out team of editors and animators have the expertise to make even the most complicated engineering ideas understandable.

Pitch Videos

At StoryTrack, we support your sales strategy by converting video assets into complementary communications to win more pursuits. A three-minute video can be broken into smaller, tightly crafted segments for targeted presentations, virtual meetings or social distribution.

Let’s talk numbers.

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5 Reasons to Choose StoryTrack For Your Clean Tech Marketing Videos

Hard-Won Expertise.

StoryTrack has decades of experience producing videos for a wide-variety of clients — with total focus on achieving your goals.

Understanding Complexity.

There is no substitute for media that can convey complex data in meaningful ways. StoryTrack combines creativity and deep industry experience to drive resonant messaging.

Maximum Investment Value.

We can leverage video production assets to create social media segments and video press releases to announce your latest project.

Rapid Results.

We recognize the urgency of your initiatives, and we act decisively to meet your strategic needs.

Responsive Attention.

We listen to your needs and organize a responsive strategy. We’re never satisfied until you are.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"The best thing about working with StoryTrack is the absolute confidence that the final product will be even better than originally envisioned. Outstanding work!"
Randall J. Bateman M.D.
Director, Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer’s Network Trials Unit, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO
"StoryTrack brought my thoughts and stories to life, transforming words and images into a dynamic, bold, visual and auditory display. The creative impact of StoryTrack to the overall process was immeasurable through pre-production, development, and post-production. StoryTrack is not only professional but accessible, willing to work with you to create a product beyond what you could have ever imagined."
Marc Moon, M.D.
Section of Cardiac Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO
"No question we will be using StoryTrack for our next visual endeavors. I appreciate working with companies that say yes to everything because you are the client, but I prefer being challenged with ideas that can ultimately help my goals as a client. StoryTrack invests time and knowledge, making them great partners. "
Samantha Cook
Chief Financial Officer, Brinkmann Constructors, St. Louis, MO
"After the BLUR of the day yesterday, I wanted to THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the amazing work your team did creating our anniversary video. No easy feat, trying to sum up the past 90 years of a company, and make our material feel fresh, energetic and driving towards the “new” company and direction we are heading towards. It was a killer day for us and couldn’t have done it without the efforts of you and your team. Looking forward to making more magic together over the next 90 years!"
justin h cre
Justin Huebener
Senior Director, Global Marketing & Communications, Hines, Houston, TX
"StoryTrack’s photographer captured exactly what we needed with emotional depth and technical skill!"
Laura Enderle
Laura Enderle
Senior Manager, Employee & Executive Communications, BASF, Morristown, NJ
"StoryTrack cares about its clients and values the mission of the organizations with which they work. It's not easy to share your story with the world, but StoryTrack makes it easy because they genuinely care about the words coming out of your mouth and the passion emanating from your heart."
Marshall Cohen
Executive Director, Lift for Life Academy, St. Louis, MO
"Nothing short of amazing. I've worked along side many companies in St. Louis and there are very few that are as professional as StoryTrack. Not only do they take the time to understand what your core video objectives are, but they also demonstrate high level video production expertise. I can't say enough about this company. If you're a serious company that's willing to invest in quality video production, then look no further than StoryTrack."
Nathan Digital Marketing St. Louis
Nathan Gotch
Founder, Gotch SEO, St. Louis, MO
"Incredibly professional, creative and responsive. StoryTrack did a fabulous job in capturing a customer success. They are easy to work with and know their stuff!"
Denning Saum
Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Innovation, BW Flexible Systems, Greenville, SC

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