Video Pre-Production: Planning for Success

Video Pre-Production: Planning for Success

Let’s talk pre-production. When we first meet with clients to talk through the video production process, they’re often surprised by how much time we budget for pre-production. But the reality is that without proper planning, you risk investing a lot of time and money on a project only to end up with ho-hum results.

Higher Education Branding and Marketing in a Digital Age

When it comes to higher education branding, having a strong digital and social marketing strategy is crucial. Higher education, being experiential in nature, can be perceived as having intangible value with an extreme cost. Each student has a highly personalized...

Ways to Create an Effective Nonprofit Campaign Video

Over the years, we have worked with many nonprofit organizations to produce videos for social and capital campaigns. We have seen how video can help to raise awareness and inspiring action. Yet as video marketing becomes ubiquitous, creating memorable content for your...